We compared our BARACOS’ led strip (the best-seller BIF model) with a common led strip (cheapest). 24/24 at the maximum power, the two items firstly showed a similar brightness. However, after just one month, the cheapest strip showed a reduction in brightness by 10% compared to BARACOS’ LED strip. After three months, the reduction reached 27%.After one year, the resulting brightness was 46% lower for the cheapest model compared to our BARACOS’ LED strip.

MISTRUST cheapest LED strip on the market, you could get some very nasty surprises!


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Our LED strips:

· Over 70,000-hour duration

· Extremely low power consumption

· Maintenance of performance of 70%

· Negligible service costs

· High lighting efficiency

· High chromatic yield

· Availability of several color tonalities

· Immediate ignition even at very low temperatures

· Excellent mechanical and vibration resistance

No UV and infra-red emissions

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